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FIGHT for the RIGHT to

the beloved National Spirit of Bolivia,

NEEDS your help.

Let your voice be heard & tell the U.S. Government we’ve had enough.


We need YOU, and people like you who defend the principles of FAIRNESS, CONSISTENCY, and CLARITY, to END THE CONFUSION!

Which confusion is that? The confusion surrounding Singani. What’s Singani? It’s a clear spirit from Bolivia distilled from grapes. Says here on the label BRANDY. Yes, the US Government regards any spirit distilled from fruit to be a brandy. Right, okay, but how come the liquid is clear? Because it’s not aged in wood. It’s not aged at all, actually. Yeah, but I thought brandy was brown...

And THAT’S where the confusion that needs to end begins! The general public has NO IDEA what the brandy category even MEANS. They don’t know it means ANY fruit distillate, they think it’s just that BROWN STUFF. Whereas if you asked someone, WHAT’S PISCO? They’d say WELL, IT’S PISCO. They wouldn’t say IT’S A BRANDY, even though technically it is. By granting Pisco a CATEGORY, the consumer got the message: THIS IS ITS OWN THING. Confusion averted! The same should apply here, IS WHAT WE ARE SAYING.

SINGANI is the National Spirit of Bolivia, with a legacy that stretches back nearly 500 years. That’s almost longer than all the Marvel movies PUT TOGETHER!

SINGANI is made from a SINGLE varietal of grape: the Muscat of Alexandria. Pisco (again, which was granted a category OF ITS OWN under the brandy umbrella) can be made from up to eight different kinds of grape; it can even be BLENDED.

By international law, that aromatic Muscat of Alexandria grape must be grown and distilled in certain distinct regions of Bolivia at a minimum of 5200ft above sea level in order to be designated as Singani. This means a lower boiling point for distillation, resulting in a unique flavor profile. Pisco has no such restrictions, can be produced in multiple countries, and its distillation boiling point is usually, like, totally NORMAL.

Singani has both Domain of Origin AND Geographical Indication status, which sounds really cool. And don’t forget--

Okay, okay, I get how special it is and stuff, and I can see how the brandy thing could be confusing, maybe even a turn-off. But what do you want from me? I’m kind of busy. Of course! So this is where the FAIRNESS, CONSISTENCY, and CLARITY parts come in! You support the recognition of Singani as a CATEGORY, because the FAIR AND CONSISTENT APPLICATION OF ESTABLISHED CRITERIA DEMANDS IT. Okay, you’re close talking a little bit there. Sorry. We’re just excited. Will you help? How long is this going to take? Not long! Just a few clicks on your right! Hold on...oh, I see. Yeah, that's easy. Done. Thank you SO MUCH. Sure. And hey…good luck. You seem really passionate about this. We totally ARE, and thank you again!